Review: HEMA nail polish #839 and #840

After the first and second post about the HEMA nail polishes, this final post will be about the last two HEMA nail polishes that I bought that time. My camera does not capture green shades that well, so you will have to look at the pictures and imagine a slightly different color with it. I also could not find a color chart online that could represent the actual color either. So I will just have to use these pictures until I get a better camera. 

The HEMA nail polish #839 Blue Green is a teal green nail polish with green shimmer. I really like the shimmer of this nail polish, it is sparkly and not too out there. The picture on the right was taken in the evening with flash.

HEMA nail polish #839 Blue GreenHEMA nail polish #839 Blue Green

The HEMA nail polish #840 Dark Blue has a bright forest green color. Although the nails look a bit blue in the pictures, it is actually similar to the forest green clothes from American Apparel. I really like the glossy finish, which does not really need a top coat. I already own quite a few forest green nail polishes, but this one is the brightest. Really suitable for Christmas. ^_^

HEMA nail polish #840 Dark BlueHEMA nail polish #840 Dark Blue

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