Review: HEMA nail polishes #831 and #843

HEMA Long Lasting Nail polish lavender and pale greenLike I promised in this post, I will be showing you the next two HEMA nail polishes, the #831 and the #843. When I put them next to each other, somehow it reminded me of the Chanel Jade and Jade Rose. Has my quest to find the Chanel Jade gone to my head? ^_^

First, I tried the HEMA nail polish #843 Dark sea foam. It does have a jade like glow to it on my nails. These pictures underneath were taken without top coat. One layer of nail polish was enough to cover the nail properly. The real color is similar to the first picture, but I wanted to show you how smooth the nail polish got on the nails, which is more visible in the second picture. If you want the see how this nail polish looks like with fine micro shimmer on top and whether it looks like the Chanel Jade, read this post.

HEMA nail polish #843 Dark sea foamHEMA nail polish #843 Dark sea foam

Now on to the HEMA #831 Irish Lavender. It is a nice pale lavender with pink shimmer. The nail polish is not as dark as can be seen in the pictures. It is quite a muted purple leaning to pink. I was most concerned about the opaqueness of this nail polish, but I really only needed 1 coat. The shimmer is really subtle, but still quite visible close up.    

I still have two more HEMA nail polishes left for me to swatch. You will get to see them soon!

HEMA nail polish #831 Irish LavenderHEMA nail polish #831 Irish Lavender

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