Peripera Kiss tint #4 lip swatch

In this post, I will show you how the Peripera Kiss Tint number 4 looks like on the lips. I thought I should write this post before this product becomes totally outdated. Currently, Peripera already has a new lip tint line called Peri's tint with the cute illustrations made by Mari Kim on the packaging. I wrote in an previous post that you can get these earlier versions of Peripera lip tint for free with the purchase of a My color lips lipstick. In the promotional pictures, you can see Hwang Jung Eum wearing the Peripera Kiss tint number 2 on her lips. Peripera also gives you the advice to use lip concealer on your lips first and then apply the lip tint to get an even and a more vivid color on the lips. You can see the results of using lip concealer with the Peripera Kiss tint number 1 (cherry), number 2 (pink) and number 3 (orange) in the promotional pictures of Peripera.    

The Peripera Kiss tint number 4 (Water rose) is also a red color like number 1, but they are a bit different from each other. The above table provides a comparison of the two in Korean. It was a bit difficult translating the words, but I somehow got the gist of it. The number 1 is creamier and the number 4 is transparent and watery. The number 1 slowly gets absorbed on the lips like melting whipping cream, while the number 4 seeps in as fast as a paper tissue absorbing water. The end result of the number 1 is a bright cherry color and the number 4 becomes an innocent red on the lips.

Now let's see how it looks on my lips. As with other lip tints, you get a weird color difference between the lip and the more inner part of the lip. Maybe that's why they recommend you to use a lip concealer. I will try to use that the next time. By adding lip gloss, the lips will look less dry. Although it may not look very red, it is a lot redder in real life. I tried to show you a better picture of that in the shade.
The Peripera kiss tint number 4 on my lips, also added transparent lip gloss.

Update (December, 2012):
I have used the Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer stick that I bought in my second Gmarket order, before applying the Peripera Kiss tint number 4. The results were not what I expected. The lip concealer gave my lips and the lip tint a powdery finish, which is quite lovely. It looks similar to the promotion picture of the Kiss tint number 4: a subtle gradation from dark red in the inner parts of your lips to a paler pink on the outside. The dryness however is very obvious one me.

The lip concealer did not solve the problem on the upper lip. Maybe I needed to apply the lip concealer more on the inside of the upper lip as well. I was also worried about how the lip concealer makes my lips very dry, so I did not apply a thick layer everywhere. The wide stick did make application very easy.

Update 2 (May, 2013): 
I have made better pictures and you can find them in this post

Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer stick.
1. Bare lips, 2. lips with lip concealer, 3. close up of lips with the Peripera kiss tint over lip concealer, 4. lips with Peripera kiss tint over lip concealer from far.

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