Coca Cola can drinking glass

coca cola can shaped glass with ice teaWere you wondering where I got the cool glass looking like a can of Coca Cola in this post? I got it as a gift after buying a value meal at the McDonalds in Japan. It was at Narita airport and I was about to fly back home. I did not know that I would get something, so I had nothing to put the glass in besides my small hand bag, which was my only hand luggage. The glass looked so pretty that I could not throw it away, so I stuffed the glass and the carton box it was in, in my bag no matter what. It must have looked weird, since the corners of the rectangular carton box was showing from the outside of my handbag. I wonder what they thought when my handbag went through the x-ray machine at the airport? An item looking like a can of cola, but made of glass. :)

By the way, I created a new blog about travel in Japan. It was starting to get weird to write about traveling in Japan between my posts about fashion and cosmetics. I think it will also chase my male readers away (if any?). What guy would want to be caught reading traveling advice on a pink webpage filled with posts about cosmetics, nail polish, and other girly things? :) 

coca cola can shaped glass

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