DIY: making chocolate bread sticks part 2

After my first attempt of making chocolate sticks, today I will show you the results of the second attempt.

chocolate covered bread sticks with sprinkles

Now let's move on to how I made these. First, you need to melt some chocolate chips bain marie. The bag of chocolate chips with melon flavor bought from my 8th Gmarket order was used for this occasion. The chocolate taste like my favorite melon candies. It's very delicious!

(But it still did not beat the taste of the yoghurt flavored chocolate chips ^_^)

melon chocolate chips/melts
The chocolate chips were pale green.

I saw a picture in a product review on Gmarket at the shop page, where I bought the chocolate making supplies, and it showed me a different method of cooling down the chocolate than I used last time. It looked good, so I gave that a try. Letting the chocolate sticks cool down on top of baking paper is a good method to not make a mess, but the back side of the chocolate cookie sticks will be somewhat flat and without much sprinkles. So in the end, I made some holes in a carton box, stuck the bread stick with melted chocolate in them, and let them cool down. I made two chocolate sticks that way, but they turned out very ugly. You can see one in the pictures: it is the ugly cookie stick with multicolor sprinkles on top. The sprinkles started to drop down due to gravity and the chocolate became like a dripping candle. Ultimately, I decided to make the rest of the cookie sticks the old way.

chocolate covered bread sticks

The cookie stick with green and white icing on the bottom of the picture is decorated with the decorating tubes that I also bought from my 8th Gmarket order. The decorating tubes have a slightly softer chocolate in them that are easy to squeeze out. At first, I thought that the decorating tubes have turned bad during the flight, while shipping, because they were rock hard. But I found out later that you needed to immerse the tubes in hot water for 20 minutes first, then it becomes soft, and you can then take it out of the water to use.

The result was not that good - as you might know from the pictures - so I decided to use these to make some chocolates. I used one of the chocolate molds that I bought at Gmarket and I made mushroom shaped chocolates like the Japanese Meiji Kinoko no yama chocolates. They turned out like small umbrella's, but without the handle. The white chocolate is a lot more forgiving than the dark chocolate: the unevenness of the first layer gets less noticeable. From experience, I found out that it is quite difficult to get the chocolate in the small mold without touching the sides. I think that I should have used a small piping bag instead of just using the spatula to drop the melted melon chocolate into the small molds. The decorating tubes made it a lot easier to put chocolate into the molds neatly than the melted melon chocolate that I have used for the tips of the umbrella chocolates. The consistency of the chocolate coming from a tube is however a lot airier and softer than the crispy melted melon chocolate. You can also see that in the picture, the totally green umbrella chocolate made solely with the melon chocolate coming from the decorating tube is not as shiny and has a lot of air bubbles. The white and pale green chocolates were quite nice actually, the green part was crispy and the white part was soft.

Home-made Japanese Meiji Kinoko no yama chocolates

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