Glico Giant Pocky sticks

After making the chocolate covered cookie sticks over here, it reminded me of Glico's Giant Pocky sticks that I have bought during my second Japan trip. To show you how insanely large these are, I have put the box of Giant Pocky next to a plastic bottle, which holds 2 liter of mineral water, and next to a normal sized drinking glass.This box of Pocky was quite costly, about 10,000 yen. I just bought it because I am a big Pocky fan and I really wanted to experience eating an enormous Pocky just once. It tasted really good. The green tea chocolate taste was just right, not too overpowering or too weak. Every bite, I could taste the rich green tea flavor and the crunch of the biscuit is a lot more than the smaller Pocky sticks. I don't know whether I would splurge like this again though given the high price.

It is however great to buy these as souvenirs. I bet most people have not seen these before. It is also really funny, because at first I thought that the carton box was just large and that it holds multiple packets of the smaller Pocky sticks. I was really surprised to see that not just the carton box is large, the Pocky sticks were giant as well. It is also very nice that the big Pocky sticks are individually wrapped. This makes it easy to carry one around as a small snack or for giving them out. I have also seen these in chocolate and strawberry flavor, but I choose green tea as it is my favorite and it is very rare.

Box of Pocky Giant green tea flavor next to a 2 litre bottle of mineral water
The box with 22 giant sized Pocky sticks next to a 2 liter bottle of mineral water.

Giant Pocky green tea next to drinking glass
The giant carton Pocky box next to a normal sized water glass.
Green tea giant pocky unwrapped and holding with my hand
Green tea giant pocky unwrapped and holding with my hand
individually wrapped Giant Pocky green tea
individually wrapped

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