Review: nanas´B berry yogurt tint

nanas' B berry yoghurt lip tint reviewI don't think you still remember, but back then, in my 5th Gmarket order, I received the nanas 'B berry yogurt tint as a freebie with the nanas' B skincare set for dry skin. I have not used this until just recently, since I wanted to use up the other lip tints that I have opened first. And that will take me a while, since I also own a lot of lip glosses and lip balms that are being neglected. :)

During a vacation, I thought it would be nice to try something new, so I had put the "wait before the earlier ones are used" rule aside. I was in for a surprise, because the lip tint gives off a very pretty natural pink color. It is really your lips, but better. :) The good thing about it, is that it does not really dry your lips out as much as the other lip tints that I have used before. It is a little bit moisturizing. The smell is also very nice, like sweet bubblegum. The only flaw is that I do not know where I can buy this, except waiting for it to become a freebie again at Gmarket.

brush of the nanas 'B berry yogurt tint

nanas 'B berry yogurt tint on lips
Left: bare lips and right: nanas' B berry yogurt tint

I have made some better pictures of this lip tint in my "philosophy melon daiquiri over lip tint" post, together with the nanas'B cherry yogurt tint. 

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