Review: Pa nail polish A46

Pa nail polish A46 bottle

The pa nail polish A46 is one of the first four pa nail polishes that I have bought. Because I have shown you how it looks like on just one nail back then, today I will show you how it looks on one hand (minus the thumb). This nail polish has a transparent bright pink base with small light pink metallic glitter and holographic stars. You need two to three layers to bring out the base color. Back then, I only put on one layer of nail polish and the color totally did not show at all. After three layers, you get a glossy transparent pink glow on your nails. You could probably tell from the pictures, but I used the Innisfree peel-off base coat and the nail polish started to "ride up" a little at the tips after a day.The nail polish applies very nicely and the stars stick to the nail polish very well. The sharp points on the stars can however get a bit loose, so you should use a top coat to get it smooth.

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