When Peripera BL608 meets Innisfree #112

If you still remember, I have bought the Peripera nail polish BL608 and the Innisfree nail polish no. 112 in my 8th Gmarket order. I really fell for this blend of blue and purple color, when I saw the new Peripera F/W 2012 nail polishes. I first tried taking a picture of the nails with only the Peripera BL608 on, in the sun light, but it become very bright blue in the pictures due to the overexposure. The pictures taken in the shade look more similar to its original color, but the promotional picture is much more color accurate.

 Peripera nail polish BL608 Peripera nail polish BL608

 Peripera nail polish BL608 Peripera nail polish BL608

After seeing this beautiful color, I wanted to add a little sparkle. I used the Innisfree nail polish 112 as a top coat. This Innisfree nail polish is part of the four newest additions to the Star Sign Nail collection. As you could see here, I have all the new additions except for #110. The Innisfree nail polish 112 has a clear base with white glitters similar to the Innisfree nail polish 105, while the rose gold glitters is now replaced by two different shades of green glitters and pink transparent glitters. There are also several large hexagonal holographic glitters (see ring finger, right upper corner, in the pictures). It is better to use a dark, opaque base color for this glitter nail polish to bring out the difference of the green glitters.

See the swatches of the other nail polishes in the Innisfree Star Sign Nail collection here: Innisfree nail polish 109 and Innisfree nail polish 111.

Innisfree nail polish no. 112Innisfree nail polish no. 112

Innisfree nail polish no. 112

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