Amsterdam Fashion Week's Fashion Weekend January 2013

The 18th edition of Amsterdam Fashion week started on 23 January and is until 27 January. This is held twice a year and the Spring/Summer edition will be in July. Fashion Weekend is part of the Downtown programme of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. With locations in Amsterdam's Fashion & Museum District, Fashion Weekend offers more than 60 events, such as pop-up catwalk shows, expositions, presentations, discounts, goodie bags, and bites and drinks, that are all free and accessible to everyone. You do not have to be part of the fashion industry for it. The aim of this event is "to bring fashion from the catwalk to the sidewalk". Because I was attending the Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass in Amsterdam anyway, I was also able to experience a bit of the Fashion Weekend.

By showing a ticket, downloaded from the official Amsterdam Fashion Week website, you get special offers, goodies and discounts at the participating locations during the Fashion Weekend. I shopped for a while in the Beethovenstreet and bought some things at the Douglas store and the DA store. The Douglas store has invited a professional makeup artist to put makeup on customers and they were treating us to really cute cake-pops. Basically, cake-pops are round cakes covered with glazing and with a small stick in them for ease of eating. These treats are really popular in the Netherlands at the moment. The Douglas store made ones with turquoise (their company color) glaze and with small black heels and sunglasses decorations (very fashionable!). From both of these stores, I also received a goodiebag after a purchase. So in the end, I went home with three goodie bags that day. :)

Douglas goodiebag
My goodie bag from the Douglas store
contents of Douglas goodie bag
The contents of the Douglas goodie bag
Beige cosmetics bag
Products inside the cosmetics bag
Goodiebag from the DA store
Goodie bag from the DA store

Contents of the DA goodiebag
The contents of the DA goodie bag

Small samples
Larger samples

DA leather necklace and pendants
Gifts in really pretty carton packaging
The larger box contained a grey leather necklace and a metal ring to put the pendants  on. The smaller packages contained one of the shown pendants: one with leather fringes, a round metallic hanger, and a faux pearl hanger.

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