Etude House If story nail kit 3 review

As I mentioned in my 9th Gmarket order post, I have bought the Etude House If story nail kit number 3 and 4. I was very happy with the Etude House If story nail kits, number 1 and 2 (see the swatches over here), so I just had to get these too. Did not even have to think twice. ^_^

The Etude House If story Nail kit number 3 and 4 are special, limited edition products was launched during the Christmas period in 2012. In this post, I will review the If story nail kit 3 first, because there are just too many pictures, I had to split it into two posts.

Read my review on the Etude House If Story nail kit 4 over here.

The Etude House If Story Nail Kit 3

The Etude House If Story Nail kit number 3 is called "If Snow of Love Falls on the Christmas Tree". I have noticed that these Etude House nail kits all have very interesting names, all names start with "if" and sound intriguing like a book title. If a story book was called this way, I would definitely want to read it. I can already imagine the amazing love story and the snow gently falling on top of a sparkly decorated Christmas tree. This makes the nail polishes extra wonderful. The first nail polish is called "If Snow of Love" and the second nail polish in the nail kit is called "Falls on the Christmas Tree". I really feel that they have become a bit lazy in translating, because the first two kits actually had great names. So after a little bit of renaming by me :), they are now called "Snow of Love" and "Sparkly Christmas tree".

Snow of Love

Snow of Love is a very pretty clear nail polish with white pearly glitters in various shapes, fine pink shimmers, and pink hearts. Just like with the Innisfree nail polish no. 109, I matched it with the Maybelline Express Finish Pearl - White Dream nail polish. The pink shimmers are really pretty and makes the nails not look that icy cold. The pink hearts were also really easy to get out and there are many of them in the bottle, so you will not get totally frustrated in trying to get these out like with other nail polishes.      

Etude House if story nail kit 3 nail polish 1

Etude House If story nail kit 3 nail polish 1

The fine pink shimmers show up more clearly, when it gets dark.
The pink shimmers can be clearly seen in the bottle on the left.

 Sparkly Christmas tree

Sparkly Christmas tree is a glitter nail polish with a clear base. It has green, red and gold glitters in various shapes. I can envision a green Christmas tree with red decorations and small yellow lights from it. And surprisingly, there are also some holographic stars in there, which was not shown in the promotional pictures. The holographic stars are not as abundant as in Snow of love, but that makes it more of a Christmas miracle when you do find one. :)

As base, I used the Etude House DRD301 Why Wine and DGR702 Meet Mint, which I also used for these Christmas nails over here. These Etude House nail polishes are just great Christmas colors. Even though Sparkly Christmas tree is a great glitter nail polish, I just cannot find any other occasion to wear this nail polish than during Christmas. It has Christmas written all over it. :)

If story nail kit nail polish 2

Etude House If Story nail kit 3 nail polish 2

My thoughts on the two nail kits

Actually, I only bought these two Etude House If Story nail kits, because I really like the white nail polish with the pink hearts and the pastel pink nail polish with glitters. If these two nail polishes were put together in one set, I would not get the other ones. The nail polish with the red and green bar glitters is a bit too loud for my liking and the black and white glitter nail polish looks too much like the Innisfree nail polish 111 that I already have (see swatches here). The white nail polish with pink hearts also looks a lot like the Innisfree nail polish 109 that I swatched over here, but the pink hearts are just too cute to pass on.

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