Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass, January 2013

Last Saturday, 19 January 2013, I was one of the lucky invitees who were able to attend the Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass. Grazia - fashion magazine in the Netherlands - had invited two famous Dutch fashion bloggers, Sabrina Meijer en Anna Nooshin, to talk about their blog and how they made it such a success. They gave a lot of inspiring advice and I got really encouraged by their stories.

Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass 2013
Anna Nooshin
Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass 2013
Sabrina Meijer
Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass 2013
Hilmar Mulder, chief editor of Grazia Netherlands, is wearing a gorgeous flowery silk blouse, matched with a black pencil skirt.

Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass 2013
Beautiful room in the Dylan hotel, where the presentations were held. (Spot me taking the picture in the far left ^_^)
After this interesting Masterclass, besides getting renewed motivation in blogging, we all left with a nice goody bag. There were two versions, black and white, and as you can see, I picked the black canvas tote bag. I really like the bag: the Grazia logo is not too noticeable (Don't you hate it too, when you get something nice, but with an enormous and ugly company logo on it?), the handles are long enough to carry on your shoulder, you can put a lot of things in there, and the fabric is very durable.

Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass 2013 Goodiebag, Grazia shopper
The Grazia canvas tote bag.
Blond Amsterdam notebook
Cute notebook

Inside of the notebook: the hearts are printed on every page.
contents of the Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass goodiebag
The gifts I have gotten from the event.
USB stick

OPI nail lacquer If you moust, you moust
OPI nail lacquer, see swatches over here
If you moust, you moust.
Wondering what is in there?
A Dance 4 life (charity) bangle
I didn't wear anything special to the Masterclass, just a normal knitted sweater dress, but I saw that there were quite a few that were dressed very fashionable. I should have worn better clothes. :) Fashion does not stop even when it is minus three degrees outside. I feel like such a weakling by wrapping myself up, dressed all comfortably. It is incredible how some of them were able to walk through the snow and on the icy roads with pretty high heels. I also spotted a few guys at the event. It is good to see that even guys are starting to blog about fashion. The world would turn into a better place, if all males start to dress better. :P

Even though my clothing were nothing special, my nails that day were very pretty. I used the excuse of showing you the bangle to showcase my nails as well. I am wearing the Modi Glam Nails nail polish no. 24 - Apple Candy.

Modi Glam Nails nail polish no. 24 - Apple Candy

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