It's skin Macaron Perfume review

The Korean skincare and cosmetics brand, It's skin, not only made cute lip balms in the shape of macarons (reviewed by me over here), but they recently also introduced two solid perfumes with adorable macaron packaging. The pink one has a Hawaiian Peach fragrance and the blue one has a smell called "Icetea Blue". The directions tell you to apply the solid perfume to your pulse points on the wrists and behind the ears. It has 8.5 g of content. You only use a little bit, each time you apply, so I think you can use it for quite a while.

The lid part of the macaron has a darker color than the bottom part. On top of these macarons, you can also find a pretty heart print. Somehow, it makes me think that these two are couple perfumes. The pink one is for the girl and the blue one for the boy. While I was testing these two solid perfumes, I have put one on one wrist and the other one on the other wrist. When I put my wrists together, the smell blends very well together. It becomes a really sweet, musky smell. It makes me want to layer these two solid perfumes from now on.

But let me now tell you what I think of them individually...
It's skin macaron solid perfume review
Don't these look like cute desserts? ^^

It's skin Macaron Perfume - Hawaiian Peach

This pink colored macaron has a fragrance that is build up in three notes.

Top note: Bergamot, Green Peach, and Raspberry.
Middel note: Rose, Orchid, Violet.
Base note: Musk, Vanilla.

My opinion: Personally, I do not like strong flowery scents, so the middle note is a bit too overpowering for me. The top note is very nice: it starts off with a sweet peach smell. The base note is also great, you can really smell the vanilla. It is kind of similar to a vanilla cookie. I am glad that the floral note does not linger for a long time.

Cut-out on packaging of the It's skin macaron perfume
The outer paper packaging has a small heart shaped hole on top.

It's skin Macaron Perfume - Icetea Blue

This blue colored macaron also has three notes.

Top note: Lemon, Grapefruit, and Peach.
Middle note: Rose, Orchid, Fresia, Lily and Watery.
Base note: Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Amber.

My opinion: You cannot really smell the individual elements in the top and the middle note, but instead it has a indistinguishable floral-fruity smell. Whereas with the Hawaiian peach, you could really smell the sweet peach, the floral note, and the vanilla, which are the strongest fragrances in the mix. The Icetea Blue, on the other hand, smells really refreshing, which I believe is because of the lemon and grapefruit. This solid perfume has a more subdued floral smell, which makes me like this one more than the Hawaiian peach. The base note is a very warm, musky smell.

Final verdict

In general, I really like the fresh and the "manlier" fragrances more than the sweet, flowery ones. It already says a lot that my favorite perfume for a long time, was the CK One. Currently, I am starting to like the sweet and fruity perfumes, but floral is still not for me. Although both of these Macaron solid perfumes are probably made for girls, I really think that even a guy can wear the Icetea Blue. :)
It smells very manly with a slight hint of sweet. It also matches well with the Hawaiian peach, so how romantic would it be for couples to gift these solid perfumes to each other on Valentines day and wear these on the spot ? You should make up the plate like I did and present these at dessert time, after a romantic dinner. ^_^

The perfume does not last for too long, that's why you should take this adorable macaron with you every time you go out and re-apply it every few hours. The cute packaging is made for showing to people. ^_^ What is also good about it, is that the smell does not turn bad in the end, which happens to some perfumes. It just fades away nicely.

It's skin Macaron Perfume opened/content
The solid perfumes have a faint peach and blue color, but don't worry, it does not show on your skin. :)
It's skin macaron solid perfume
The top and bottom "cookie" have different colors, which is different from the macaron lip balms as they have the same color.
all it's skin macarons in one basket
All my macarons in one basket. ^_^

All it's skin macarons in basket
While looking at this, I just want to take one macaron and munch on it. But I know they are fake. ^_^

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