Etude House Missing U - I can fly freebie

If you have read my 9th Gmarket post, you should have seen the Missing U - I can fly pink owl mobile phone holder that I got as a freebie. From the picture, you can see that the pink owl is a flat plastic figurine. You must be wondering how it can possibly hold a mobile phone. Now let me show you how. :)

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Picture from my 9th Gmarket post

Etude House Missing U - I can fly freebie

Two cute beige hearts on the tail of the pink owl.

The pink owl is actually made of a very soft bendable plastic, which feels kind of like an eraser. The tail of the pink owl needs to be bent towards the front and in the back, there is a small leg you need to bend in order to make the pink owl stand on your desk like a picture frame. The front tail can be bend the way you want, bend it a bit to be able to still watch movies with your mobile phone or bend it a lot to show the cute hearts on the tail and to have the mobile phone more securely fastened, for example when you are charging your mobile phone battery. As it can be fold back to its original flat form, you can also take this along when you are traveling. It can be quite nice to have this standing on the tray in front of you in the bus/train/airplane, while you watch movies or listen to music on your mobile phone.

Etude House Missing U - I can fly freebie mobile phone holder
Mother owl and baby owl? :)
Together with the cute Etude House pink owl hand cream container, read more over about it here.

I just saw that the Etude House shop at Gmarket Global has new gifts with purchase (from 15 January to 15 February, until further notice). They also have new endorsers, Sulli and Krystal of the Korean girl group, f(x). Spending over 50,000 won, you get a cute Missing U - I can fly pink owl cape with a cute hood that has owl eyes and ears. As it has started to snow here in the Netherlands, I really could use a warm cape.... :)

Picture from Etude House

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