National Tulip day 2013

Last Saturday, 19 January, was a very fruitful day, as besides the Grazia Fashion Bloggers Masterclass and the Fashion Weekend, I also attended the National Tulip day (in Dutch: de Nationale Tulpendag). It was the second time that this annual event was held and it was very spectacular. This event officially starts the tulip season in the Netherlands (tulips can be found in stores from this day onwards) and is a recurring event on the third Saturday of January. From 13:30 to 17:00, everyone is allowed to pick the flowers they want in this enormous tulip garden, right in the middle of the city. As this is entirely for free, more than 10.000 people have went home with a bunch of tulips, which is for sure to bring the spring feeling to their homes. This event also attracted many tourists.

Here are some pictures I made, when I was in Amsterdam. 

snowy amsterdam
many bikes in Amsterdam

Underneath, you can see a video of the National Tulip day. The tulips were really pretty!

If you want to experience being surrounded by 200.000 tulips on the Dam in Amsterdam, click here to see the tulips of that day, in 360 degrees. Double-click on the screen to move it around.

Of course, I took some tulips home as well. They are not the pride of the Netherlands for nothing. I am already considering of using tulips for my future wedding bouquet. Spring wedding, it is. ^_^

Tulips from the Netherlands

Tulips are great to make some artwork with. I did not do much to these two pictures underneath and it already looks as good as a real Van Gogh. :P

artwork tulips
tulips painting

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