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I thought that you might get bored by all the nail polish posts that I am doing and will still be doing until all my newly bought nail polishes are swatched, and that's not even including the ones that I already own. >_< So today, I have a non-beauty related post. I have written about the cute Hello Kitty & Friends figurines that you can exchange at the 7-Eleven in Hong Kong and sadly, we have none of these in the Netherlands.

It does not even come close to the cuteness of the desserts in the Hello Kitty & Friends range, but I did get a pink cupcake miniature....

Albert Heijn boodschappen miniature

So, where did I get this from? 

From 4 February to 17 March, AH (short for Albert Heijn, which is a large Dutch supermarket chain) is giving out one miniature of groceries for every 15 euro spent. As you can see from the many pictures below, I have spent quite a lot. ^_^ There are 50 kinds of grocery miniatures and I did not get them all yet as they give out the mini gifts with purchase at random and in a non-transparent plastic wrapper. It almost feels the same as opening a fortune cookie, you do not know what's inside and you are hoping it is good. I have a lot of doubles already and I am still trying to get the rare ones, the mini Mona pudding (which I have written about over here) and the mini ice cream bucket. You can see what they look like at the AH website.         

Now, let's look at the ones that I have gotten.

These are Prince (an actual cookie brand here in the Netherlands) cookies with white vanilla cream in between. The details are really well made. It is that I know that they are plastic, or else I would have put one in my mouth. ^_^

They also made a miniature of the famous Dutch sausage (name in Dutch: rookworst). I was surprised to have found a Wikipedia page on this sausage. It is a bit on the salty side, but it is really delicious. We normally eat this sausage together with mashed potatoes here in the Netherlands.  

After all this reading, you must be getting a bit hungry. How about some pizza and fries? ^_^ 
The McCain french fries are in paper bags and that is usually how we eat fries here in the Netherlands.

 Still hungry? 
In that case, I have a hamburger for you. You get one piece of the hamburger set at a time and you can assemble them the way you want. I am still missing the slice of cheese and tomato. >_<

It looks almost as good as the real hamburger I had made for lunch.^_^

After all that fast food, we need to make a tossed salad to be at least a bit healthy. 
What do you think of this salad? It is a bit spicy though with that many red peppers.

 After having this satisfying meal, groceries needs be done.  
From left to right: a carton of milk, a pack of rice, a pack of nasi herbs for the rice, a pack of frozen spinach and a box of Lipton tea.
From whatever angle you look at these, these miniatures look so real.
But they are really small!
To keep playing house with these miniatures: Mom just called and she asked you to also pick up some items from the supermarket for her.

Two cans of corn, a bottle of lemonade, a bottle of chicken spices, two jars of mayonnaise, and a bucket of butter.

To put dinner on the table on time, you of course need kitchen appliances.

Two blenders and a toaster.
While you walk by the fruit and vegetables isles, you feel the urge to buy some water melon, (a slice of) lemon, and a pumpkin as they look fresh.

Before you prepare dinner, you take out a bag of tomato soup to heat up and you make some sunny sides up on the side. Buying groceries has been so tiring that you need it. ^_^

So, before you start to think that I am turning delusional. :) I only wrote like this to be funny. These miniatures reminds me of when I was a child. Back then, I played with miniature food items too and pretended to cook something delicious for my mom. It was really normal to imagine a whole story along with it. I also had a little store and liked to sell things. I bargained with the price and added strawberries or other gifts with the purchase to get more play money bills. I was already an entrepreneur at that age. ^_^ 

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