Berry red Peripera nail polish covered with Etude House's Snow of Love

Peripera nail polish PK012
Peripera nail polish PK012
For this nail look, I used the Peripera nail polish PK012, which is a warm pink/berry red nail polish, and on top, the Snow of Love nail polish from the Etude House If story nail kit 3. Berries with a layer of freshly fallen snow on top - >  that's how I came up with the title. It really matches with the winter feeling in February; imagine berry plants in the park all covered with snow. The red berries are peeking out under the layer of white snow, creating a big contrast. The pink hearts add a touch of love to the whole thing, making it perfect for Valentine's day. I really like that the heart glitters are matte pink and not light reflective. It is quite rare for cut shapes in nail polish to be not light reflective or shiny in any way. If you look closely in the pictures, you can also see the fine pink shimmer/glitters on the nails. I thought that it would only show on white, pearly nail polish, but you can really see it on pink as well.

Peripera nail polish PK012Peripera nail polish PK012 (berry red)

Now with the Snow of Love nail polish from the Etude House´s If story nail kit 3 on top.

Etude House´s If story nail kit 3

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