Modi Christmas 2012 nail polishes swatches

You must be confused, since I promised to write a series of posts with a Valentines day theme and Christmas has already past a long time ago. I bought these two Modi Christmas edition nail polishes in my 9th Gmarket order and I had not found the time to post about them yet. One of the nail polishes has pink heart glitters, so it still fits with the theme. :)  I guess, December is the month of love too. You could have seen that the Etude House Christmas glitter nail polish used in the previous post, had heart glitters in it too.

Out of the 6 special edition Modi Christmas nail polishes, I bought: 
04 - Eve night (the one on the left)
05 - Heart Christmas (the one on the right)

Modi christmas 2012 nail polish 04 - eve nightModi christmas 2012 nail polish 05 - heart christmas

Modi Christmas 2012 nail polish 04 - Eve Night

Let's look at the Modi nail polish 04 - Eve night first. Eve night is a beautiful black jelly nail polish with a lot of glitters in it. Due to this, it is not really opaque at the first layer. You need at least 2 or three layers to create opaqueness. There are square and hexagon glitters in diverse colors, representing the pretty Christmas decorations and lights. The finer silver glitter shows up the most, whereas the other colored glitters are more dispersed. You can see this the best in the picture taken from far away. Of course, the holographic stars can be seen from a mile away, but that is quite obvious. As you can see, I actually had trouble not getting the stars on the brush. There are just too many in there. :)

Modi Christmas 2012 nail polish 04 - eve night on nails, swatches

By applying just one layer of nail polish, it is not opaque.

 Modi Christmas 2012 nail polish 05 - Heart Christmas

To get back in the Valentines mood, let's look at the Modi nail polish 05 - Heart Christmas. Heart Christmas is a glitter nail polish with a transparent base. The biggest eye-catchers are the light pink heart glitters. Again, this nail polish has multicolor glitters, but what is different, is that there are also matte, white glitters in between. This is quite a stark contrast. The large, square, holographic glitters add a nice touch too. The bronze, fine glitters act as a great foundation that keeps the glitters together. Due to this, the nail polish does not look bad, even without any base color. The bronze, fine glitters fill out the otherwise " bald spots" very well. They way the bronze glitters spread out unevenly and the difference in sizes makes the whole thing looks magical. :)

At the moment, these two are the most complex glitter nail polishes that I own and also my favorites. Still waiting for the next amazing glitter nail polish to take them off the throne. ^_^

Modi nail polish 05 - Heart Christmas on nails, swatches

Besides the color (and glitter. ^^) range of the nail polishes, you can also find useful "how to do nail art" video's on the website of Modi. Although the instructions are in Korean, you should be able to understand it, just by looking.

This is one of the videos on how to create a leopard pattern on nails.

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