New Etude House products - February 2013

First, there are two Etude House Hairtools sets that I want to get: the Bangs Cut Kit (a kit with a pair of scissors and a clip with a water level meter to make sure you cut your bangs straight and not skewed) and the Bangs Pink Roll set (a kit with two large rolls to curl your bangs). It would really help with the problems that my bangs are giving me. I am not used to having bangs, since the last time I had them was, when I was 6 or something. The past few years, it was a bit difficult keeping the bangs look alright. I also couldn't grow them out, because every time they started to get into my eyes, I got annoyed and cut them again. I guess my bangs are here to stay. ^_^

Etude House also created two useful tools for the eyebrows. The eyebrow stencils with cute, pink hearts look like the famous Anastasia eyebrow stencils, but a lot more affordable. The v-shaped tool is used as a guide for trimming the eyebrow hairs. It would work well with the Etude house pink heart shaped mirror wand/eyebrow shaper that I got as a freebie, twice.

Update: From the same Etude House Mini Brow Class line, there is also a pair of brow scissors. 

Lastly, I saw that the Etude House Hello Kitty fragrances now also have a solid version. After using the It's Skin Macaron solid perfumes, I think solid perfumes are quite nice. The scent does not turn bad after a while. There is also not a strong alcohol scent or ingredients in there that makes my sensitive skin get irritated. The adorable tins and the packaging is also hard to resist. Sweet and fruity perfumes are my all-time favorites, so the fragrances are really right up my alley.

Update: I have bought all three of these Etude House Hello Kitty solid perfumes. You can see them here.

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