Passionate red - Peripera nail polish RD704 review

Valentine's day is approaching. Just a few more days... Do you have anything nice planned for that day? I have another Valentine's day nail look for you that you can use as inspiration. The nail polish that I have used is the Peripera RD704, which is part of the Peripera Christmas 2012 collection. Of the four glitter nail polishes, I have already swatched the Peripera nail polish BK504 (a dupe of the Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York), the Peripera nail polish YE905 (a muted gold glitter nail polish), and today, I will show you the Peripera nail polish RD704.

What's left is the Peripera nail polish WH806 (a white glitter nail polish with red square glitters), which will be swatched soon. Again, Korean special edition Christmas nail polishes are suitable for Valentine's day too. :)

Peripera nail polish RD704
Peripera RD704 nail polish

The Peripera nail polish RD704 is a red jelly nail polish with small red glitters and large red, hexagonal glitters. The consistency is a bit goopy, so you definitely need a top coat to smoothen out the nail polish. I used the Face Shop WH001 top nail polish, which I have also used before over here. The pictures make the nail polish seem like a lighter red, but it is really a nice dark red (see last few pictures). I used two or three coats, since one coat just does not look nice. Although the color is a pretty light red after one coat, the lack of glitter and opaqueness makes it look terrible. By adding more coats, the red color becomes darker though. You also need to be careful and wait for a appropriate time before you add the next coat. I know, because I dragged a whole layer of nail polish off my nail by not following that advice. ^_^

Peripera nail polish RD704 swatchesPeripera nail polish RD704

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