Peripera lip crayons and lip markers

Peripera has just released new lip products called the peri's tint crayons and the peri's tint markers. They have already been mysterious about these new products for weeks and now, I finally get to see them. Once again, the illustrations of Mari Kim are just beautiful. From innocent girl in school uniform to the clueless rock chick, she creates the most interesting characters. It is only just now that I realized that the characters on the Peripera packaging actually have names. The new characters are called Peri's Sera and Pinky Sunny. It is weird, but somehow these two characters remind me of SNSD's Seohyun and Sunny. Especially, now that Sunny has short and (sometimes) pink colored hair. ^_^

The crayons and markers are packaged in a paper box shaped like a pencil. The tip of this paper pencil is in the same color as the product inside. It is really cute. Why do they always make it hard for me to throw away the paper packaging? >_<

Peripera lip crayons

First, let's look at the Peripera crayons. These have a plastic outer casing and you need to twist the bottom to get the product up, similar to the Clinique Chubby sticks. There are three colors: 1) Fruity pink (pink one), 2)Fruity orange (orange one), and 3) Fruity mint (blue one). I am the most interested in the orange and the blue. They look really nice in the pictures. I think these crayons are a bit glossy and moisturizing.

With these, you are bound to get your crayon! (G-Dragon fans know what I mean ^_^)

Update: I bought the Peripera lip crayons no. 2 and no.3 and you can find the review over here.

Peripera lip markers

Peripera also created lip markers in three colors: plum, orange, and soft pink. I am not sure if these are going to be good, because the lip markers from other brands were very drying and/or very sheer on the lips. The color does seem to be quite visible on the lips, judging from the promotional pictures.

The names of the Mari Kim characters on the Peripera packaging

New additions to Peripera lip products

Besides these two new products, Peripera also added new colors to the existing lines. To the lip tints line, they added 4) Mandarin juice and 5) Candy juice, and the milky lip tints line has one new color: 3) Milky lavender.

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