Review: Etude House DGR703 and Modi Glam nails 21

I am trying to swatch all the nail polishes that I have gotten from my 9th and 10th Gmarket orders. I still have a lot more to do and the parcel of my 11th Gmarket order is going to arrive soon. >_< At least, this post will get two nail polishes out of the way.

The first nail polish that I am going to show you is the Etude House DGR703 - Mink Mint nail polish, which is part of the Etude House Dear my deep color nail polish collection. This nail polish is a muted mint green and it is a vibrant mint green with a bit of greyness to it. I have a similar mint green nail polish, the HEMA nail polish 843 - Dark sea foam, but that one leans a bit more to the bright, light green side. I think that this Etude House nail polish is more sophisticated due to its darker tones in the color.
Etude House nail polish DGR703 - mink mintEtude House nail polish DGR703
Etude House nail polish DGR703 - Mink Mint

Etude House nail polish DGR703Etude House nail polish DGR703

On top of this nail color, I used the Modi Glam Nails 21 - Tweed Jacket. This nail polish has been very popular with fellow nail polish bloggers and I can totally see why. It makes any color of nail polish get an extra fashionable feel, similar to wearing a Chanel tweed jacket over a simple white t-shirt. I thought that the Ice witch nail polish from the Etude House If story nail kit 4 or the Innisfree nail polish #111 would be good enough as a replacement for the Lynnderella - Connect the Dots nail polish that I cannot get, but this Modi nail polish is really better. It only misses the fine shimmers in the transparent base, but I kind of like it this way. The normal transparent base matches really well with the matte black and white "shapes" (wanted to write glitters, but they aren't sparkly? ^_^), which makes it nice and subtle.

Modi Glam Nails 21 - Tweed Jacket

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