Valentine's day 2013 nails

February is the month of Love and for the coming two weeks up to Valentine's day, I will be posting daily about anything related to hearts, cute pink, passionate red, and butterflies. In short, anything that makes people think you are in love or in the midst of finding love. :)

To kick off this series of posts, I dug up one of my nail polishes from Etude House, the Etude House nail polish RD106. This nail polish is a beautiful, dark pink, jelly nail polish with fine silvery and red glitters floating in it. In the bottle, it looks very dark red, but it really becomes pink on the nails (It is not due to the lighting). I actually wanted it to be red, but pink is quite stunning too. The small glitters makes the whole thing less monotone. Because of the jelly consistency, it is really shiny. A top coat was not needed. Again, this reminds me of sweet jelly beans. It would fit right in the new line, Sweet recipe, that Etude House has just released.   

Etude House nail polish RD106Etude House nail polish RD106

Etude House nail polish RD106Etude House nail polish RD106 (red jelly)

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