banila co. Floral Waltz Spring 2013 collection

Banila co. is a Korean cosmetics and skincare brand that I have been following closely since a couple of years ago, when they were still selling internationally through Gmarket. Too bad, they stopped shipping internationally, before I could actually purchase something from them. Banila co. has products that are slightly higher priced than brands such as Etude House, which is meant for younger girls. For example, the banila co. mascara shown below costs 18,000 won and the lip gloss would cost you 12,000 won. 

Banila co. has just released their new Spring 2013 Collection, named Floral Waltz. I totally like the clover, flower leaves, heart and diamond prints. The used colors exude a spring feeling. Is there a way to take that print and make a wallpaper from it for my room? ^_^  

Let's look at the individual products that are revealed already.

Firstly, I am very intrigued by the Color Change Tints that come in a tube (9,500 won). I really like the hygienic aspect of it. Also, this multi purpose tint that can be used on the eyes, cheek, and lips, is quite magical. I am quite curious to see how those yellow, green, orange, and pink, opaque creams will turn into a different color and to what colors.    

Marina, a friend from Facebook, has told me about the new pictures of the Color Change Tints that is posted on the Banila co. website. The color change looks amazing.

There are two colors of Dome blushers (12,000 won): Peony and Lilac. The one that is pictured underneath is the Peony color, but you can also see the Lilac color in the promotional poster at the beginning of this post.

The Dahlia eye shadow palette (25,000 won) has four colors that you can choose from. You can see the colors of the other eye shadow palette, Amaryllis, also in the promotional poster. From there, you can figure out that the cover of the Amaryllis eye shadow palette has a green/pink pattern, which I personally like more than the orange/pink pattern. However, the Amaryllis eye shadow palette has colors that are more Spring like and also hard to wear.   
The two colors of lip gloss in this spring collection have a lip plumping effect using menthol. The left one (light pink) has the name, Max, and the right one (fuchsia) is called Envy. Jessica probably is wearing the Envy lip gloss in the promotional picture.

Lastly, there is also mascara in this collection with a double coating film system (10.5 g). Honestly, I like the packaging the most. It is black with shiny black patterns. I would probably buy anything that has this shiny black finish, that is reminiscent to piano keys. That is also the main reason why I bought this laptop that I am writing on, did not even look at anything else. ^_^

Update: banila co. has also released 6 colors of lipsticks in this collection. I really like the clover print on the lipstick and the transparent cap.

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