Bourjois 150th anniversary

Bourjois is a make-up brand that just emits Paris chic. My first make-up items were from Bourjois, as I was attracted to the luxurious packaging. The muted gold details were just incredibly pretty to me as a young girl. This year, the brand is celebrating its 150th anniversary and they do that with a new nail polish collection consisting of 15 mini nail polishes. Each nail polish is named after a special year in the history of Bourjois. I really like that they have a small bottle, since I sometimes really do not know how to finish the larger bottles of nail polish, before they turn bad. I also like to have large variety of nail polishes to choose from, in order to match my mood and/or outfit. It is great that they cater to these needs. 

My favorites of this special nail polish collection are: 1863 (a beautiful deep red), 1913 (a dark pink), 1928 (metallic blue), and 2001 (glossy black with a pinch of silver glitter).

The Bourjois Mini Vernis, Déjà 150 ans (French for: Mini nail polish, Already 150 years) will be sold in stores around mid March 2013, for 2.99 euro each.

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