eSpoir Spring 2013 eye makeup

Today is when Spring officially starts and this post is bound to put you in a Spring mood. eSpoir is a Korean skincare and cosmetics brand that is in the higher end price range. I happen to have stumbled upon this brand, while browsing at Gmarket. Yes, I know, I shouldn't check Gmarket that frequently. I keep seeing new things that I want and keep putting more stuff in my wish list. ^_^

The eSpoir Spring 2013 collection consists of single eye shadows, eyeliners, two powder pacts (one in glowing finish and one in natural finish), and a perfume. I especially like the new eyeliners and the single eye shadows, so I will be discussing them in more detail below.

eSpoir eyeliners (available in 10 colors)

The eyeliners have a special gimmick: the other end of the pencil is a handy tool for you to spread out the creamy eyeliner. You can either use the tool sideways to get a thin and precise line or the broad side to get a thick line.

eSpoir single eyeshadows (available in 10 colors)

The eye shadows are also really pretty as they seem to be very pigmented and shimmery.  At first, I wasn't too enthusiastic about the eye shadows, but the eye makeup looks that eSpoir created really made me love them. You know what I mean when you look at the pictures yourself. I have conveniently provided them below.

Eye makeup looks using the new eSpoir eyeliners and eye shadows.

First look: dark grey eyeshadow with black eyeliner (eSpoir Monologue  + Womanizer)
Second look: pink eyeshadow with chocolate brown eyeliner (eSpoir Pink Friday + Burning love)
Third look: silvery eyeshadow with turquoise eyeliner  (eSpoir Memories + Cloud 9)
Fourth look: yellow gold eyeshadow with pink eyeliner (eSpoir Pit-a-pat + Romantic Bouquet)

Don't you think that they just have the greatest names? I am really tempted to get the Cloud 9 eyeliner. Although it is quite rare for me to wear a turquoise eyeliner, I think it just looks amazing.

Fifth look: a brown/bronze eyeshadow with a deep purple eyeliner. (eSpoir Honey + Surprise party)

This is my favorite look of them all. I really wouldn't have put these two colors together on my own, but it looks oddly good. I think I have similar colors in my makeup stash, so I am definitely going give this look a try.  Even though the colors do not really scream Spring to me, the bronzed look does look very Summery. The purple eyeliner adds a bit of mysteriousness and a pinch of Femme Fatale. :)

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