Etude House Ice cream nails

If you haven't fallen for the previous 4 glitter Ice Cream Nails nail polishes from the Etude House Sweet Recipe line or if glitter nail polish is just not your thing (which is hard to imagine for a big glitter nail polish fan like me ^_^), you now have a second chance. There are currently 8 more colors for you to choose from: PK001 - Fresh strawberry, OR201 - Bitter-sweet grapefruit, OR202 - Sweet and Sour peach, BR401 - Sticky Chocolate, BE101 - Sweet banana, GR401 - Soft crunch green apple, BL601 - Cool blue mint, and PP501 - Fresh Blueberry. I can imagine, if you get all of these and the previous four nail polishes, your vanity table would start to look like the counter of an ice cream parlor. :)

From looking at these 8 different colors of nail polish, I feel like I am in an ice cream shop trying to figure out, which flavors I should pick and I am limited to pick two or three flavors at most, while everything looks so delicious. If these were actual ice cream, I would take a scoop of strawberry, grapefruit, and chocolate. Too bad, they do not have my favorite chocolate chip, cookie dough, or pistachio ice cream flavors. Maybe, an idea for Etude House to create more additions to the Ice Cream Nails range? ^_^

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