Glamour Surprise Box 2013

In the Netherlands, you can now get an one year subscription to the magazine Glamour for 25 euro (+3.65 euro administration and shipping costs) and you will also get a surprise box worth 150 euro. The previous years, this surprise box was filled with some older subscription gifts (such as cosmetics, perfumes, bags, jewelry, etc.) and they were quite nice. So, I thought I should try my luck.

And this was what I received in the mail....

Glamour Surprise Box 2013
The white Glamour surprise box is packed in a slightly larger brown box.

White box inside of the Glamour Surprise Box
The white box has a glossy finish and is very sturdy.
:Glamour Surprise Box: first thing you see
First thing you see when you take off the cover of the box: Welcome to Glamour (but then written in Dutch ^_^)
three seperate packages inside of the Glamour Surprise box
There are three gifts: one in a white box, one in a small package, and one in a large package.
I opened the white box first, and I already guessed that it must be an insulated cup due to the size of the box and the weight. It felt very similar to the Saem's insulated cup that I got from my 8th Gmarket order. The Glamour insulated coffee cup (in Dutch: Glamour coffee-to-go mok) has the pink print: "It's the inside that counts". It is exactly what I am looking for in a guy (and in a good coffee? ^_^). I have already seen this funny coffee cup in the magazine before and I was considering getting this, so it is a nice surprise. 

Glamour insulated coffee cup
Glamour koffie beker: it's the inside that counts
It has a plastic drinking lid, similar to what you get at coffee places, when you order a coffee to go. But this one is of course a lot more durable.
Next, I opened the smaller package and I already knew it had to be some sort of jewelry. It was small and light, and I could feel a square box from the outside. I saw that some people got a pair of not so attractive looking, large, gold colored earrings last year, so I feared the worst. That's why I was not that dissatisfied with this cute, gold colored, ribbon necklace from TOV Essentials, which is worth - according to them - 89 euro. I have also seen that someone else got a silver version of this necklace. Although in general, I like silver jewelry more as it is more versatile, I am glad I got the gold version of this necklace. The gold, at least makes it appear more expensive than it actually is, and with the silver color, it might not be that way.

TOV essentials gold ribbon necklaceTOV essentials gold ribbon necklace

TOV Essentials gold ribbon necklace close-up

I saved the largest package for last and from the weight of it, I guessed it had to be a bag. When I took the bag out, I was not that pleased with the coarse, canvas material that I felt. I looked around and found out that this is the XL Shopper bag from the brand Souve and it has prints of Karl Lagerfeld on it (worth 69.90 euro !). Others got a bag with a Kate Moss print. I can say that it really is a XL bag, because it can cover the whole upper part of my body. The leather handles are quite nice, but I do not see other purpose for this bag than to put groceries in them... At least, I can carry groceries in (Karl Lagerfeld) style now. ^_^

Souve Karl Lagerfeld bag

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