Gmarket order 11 and 12

Happy Easter weekend!

I just saw that the page views of my blog has just passed the 100,000 mark today (An extra black digit box is added to the page view counter. Why am I getting so happy over this small thing? I feel like I have passed a level in a computer game. ^_^). Thank you for reading my posts! It really makes all my hard work worth it.

I was trying to figure out what to write about today and found out that I have been so busy that I forgot to write about what I bought at Gmarket this month. 

So, now on to what you have been waiting for, the goodies I bought from the English website of Gmarket.

11th Gmarket order

Let's open the box of my 11th Gmarket order.

unboxing Gmarket order

It looks so depressingly empty. Where are all the packaged gifts waiting for me to open them? >_<

I started with the smaller box on the left. The first thing I found in the box was a leaflet with O Hui skincare samples.
O hui skincare samples

This was underneath the leaflet. Everything is neatly, individually wrapped in bubble wrap.
modi nail polishes packed in bubble wrap

 Modi nail polishes

Guess what, the box contains the glitter Modi nail polishes that I have swatched over the past month: Modi 71 - Greater Light, Modi 72 - Wild strawberry, Modi 73 - Pumpkin Jelly, Modi 74 - Classy Mint, Modi 75 - Broken promise, Modi 76 - First Avenue, Modi 77 - Pinky Green, Modi 79 - Bustier, and Modi 80 - Secret Night.

Modi Glam Nails nail polishes
Glitter Modi nail polishes (from left to right): Pumpkin Jelly, Broken promise, Classy Mint, Secret night, Greater light, Bustier, Pinky Green, Wild strawberry, and First Avenue. 
Modi nail polish 78 is missing, because it got cancelled in my order. I guess, it was out of stock at the time. But you know me, as a true nail polish addict, I managed to get that nail polish too. It is still being shipped. :)

Update: I got the Modi 78 in the mail already and here are the swatches of Modi nail polish 78.

Peripera My Color Gloss massive haul

Besides nail polish and hand creams, I am also a major lip gloss collector. So what happens, when a brand I like holds a 1+1 deal on lip glosses? I buy this much. ^_^

Peripera My Color Gloss lip gloss packaging
Peripera My Color Gloss packaging comparison

You might have noticed some color differences on the lip gloss boxes. It is not my lacking photography skills (At least, not this time. ^_^). I think that there might be some still in the old version and some having the newer version of the packaging. I am guessing that the darker one is the new packaging, since it makes the rest of the pretty lace pattern more visible. But I am not sure, because I don't own any Peripera lip glosses until now. But currently, I have too many. :)

The pretty lip glosses taken out of the packaging.

a lot of Peripera my color gloss lipglosses

A close up of the lip glosses.

A close-up of the Peripera My color gloss lip glosses

Mizon All in one snail repair cream

Lastly, this was the item that was packed in bubble wrap. 
At that time, there was a great $1 deal at Gmarket for a limited time. You could get the Mizon All in one snail repair cream for just $1. I heard that this cream can do wonders for your skin, but the additives could be bad for those with sensitive skin like me. It was only $1, so I thought it's okay to find out how my skin reacts to it.
Mizon all in one snail repair cream packaging
Mizon all in one snail repair cream

12th Gmarket order

A couple of days after my 11th Gmarket order was sent out, I placed the order for my 12th Gmarket order. As if I didn't already order a lot of lip products, I just got myself some more. ^_^

The parcel was delivered in 7 days, after leaving Korea. I could have gotten it in 4 days, but again it couldn't be delivered on Friday, so it was delivered after the weekend for the second time. 

The opened box looks a lot more satisfying now. 

Unboxing Gmarket order no. 12

Etude House purchases

Etude House was having a 30% sale, so I had to pick up a couple of the Dear My Jelly Lips-talk from Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection. Ignoring the fact, that I have too many unfinished and unused lip products. ^_~

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk

I haven't written which ones I bought, but if you are a hardcore Etude House fan, you should be able to tell with just one look at the colored rings.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk rings

Before you start to think that I have gone insane and just took the beautiful Etude House lipsticks apart, the rings can be snapped on and off without breaking it (Caution: if it does break, I take no responsibility. So be careful.^_^). I have read a review of the Etude House Dear my blooming lips lipstick before, and from it I learned that you could take the pretty ribbon ring off to use as a ring on your own finger. It seems to be the same with this lipstick. And you know what, it really can be taken off. Strangely, it fits my fat fingers perfectly. What do you think of my new stack-able rings? ^_^

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk rings on my ring finger

Read my reviews of the Dear my jelly lips lipsticks that I bought here:

After writing this "New Etude House products" post not too long ago and from looking at those pretty promotional pictures, I really wanted to get them all. The hair and eyebrow tools were sold out in an instant, but I managed to get the cute Hello Kitty solid perfume tins with a discount.   

Etude House Hello Kitty solid perfume tins

My hair has been enduring hair dyes and cold winter weather, so it really needs some nourishment. Since it was on sale too, I bought the Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence. I hope it works.

Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence

Mise en scène damage care perfect serum

In case the one from Etude House doesn't work, I have also bought the more expensive Damage care perfect serum from Mise en scène. I have tried it a bit and the oil smells really nice. Since my hair is in a very bad condition right now (dry, rough, and it keeps getting tangled), the good effects are still not really visible after one use. It does feel a bit softer at the hair ends though. I got a discount for buying two boxes with a large bottle (70 ml.) and a small travel bottle (5 ml).

Mise en scène damage care perfect serum sets
Mise en scène damage care perfect serum

 Peripera purchases

After writing about the really cute Peripera lip crayons and lip markers, I just couldn't resist putting them in my shopping cart at Gmarket. I bought the mint green and the orange lip crayons.

Peripera peri's tint crayons packaging

Peripera peri's tint crayons with freebie pen

The pen on the right might look like a Peripera lip marker, but it is actually a pen I got as a freebie. The tip of the pen is really small, perfect to write in the smaller areas of my new Korean planner that I got in my 9th Gmarket order. The cap has some really pretty, colorful shimmers if you look closely. If only, this was a nail polish color. :)
Peripera Mari Kim illustration pen

Cap of the Peripera pen

 nanas' B Cherry Yogurt tints

The mad purchasing of more lip products doesn't stop here, I also bought two nanas' B Cherry yogurt tints. I really like the nanas' B berry yogurt tint, that I have previously reviewed on my blog. The pink was very pretty and natural looking. When I saw that the LG shop at Gmarket started selling them separately (and not just only giving them out as a freebie with purchase of certain products) and were also having a 1+1 deal, I got them without thinking. The only ones that were available at the time, were the nanas' B Cherry yogurt tints, but now, the nanas' B Berry yogurt tints are on sale too. Even though the packaging of the Cherry yogurt tint is metallic orange, they are supposed to look red on the lips. I hope that they are just as good as the Berry yogurt tint.  

nanas' B Cherry Yogurt tints packaging

nanas' B Cherry Yogurt tints

 LG skincare purchases

While I was browsing at the LG shop, I also spotted a deal in which you can get 10 Lacvert Real food recipe sheet masks and an added gift of choice. I picked the Lacvert aquafull cream (100 ml).

10 Lacvert Real food recipe sheet masks and the Lacvert aquafull cream

Mizon Parisien Eye Stage Collection Book

Again, I didn't forget to take advantage of the $1 deal at Gmarket. It is amazing to be able to get this pretty Mizon Parisien Eye Stage Collection book for that price. Although a bit small (the eyeliners are 2/3 the size of a normal eyeliner), it is a great deal for $1. I hope that they will have more of these $1 deals in the future. ^_^

Mizon Parisien Eye Stage Collection Book
inside of the Mizon Parisien Eye Stage Collection Book

Group picture of all the things I bought. 

Gmarket Haul (11th and 12th order from Gmarket)

A long part about the ordering and shipping process at Gmarket 

(you can skip this, if you are not interested) 

The 11th Gmarket order arrived at my door step after 8 days from when it got shipped out of Korea. I could have already gotten it three days earlier, but after a failed delivery, I had to wait for after the weekend. This box is a lot smaller than the usual boxes that I get. I have actually ordered 10 hand creams (1+1 deal, so I just needed to pay for 5 to get 10! I am not known as a hand cream collector for nothing. ^_^) from the Saem store too, but after stalling for three days, they onesidedly decided to cancel my order. I had had this experience at this the Saem store before with my 6th Gmarket order. One item was out of stock and the other one wasn't, but because it might be too difficult of a procedure to cancel one item from an order, they just cancel your entire order at their store. The annoying thing is that you don't get the chance to order the item that is in stock again or something else instead, they ship the rest of your things out as soon as the cancellation is processed, which is within a day or it could even be just a few hours. I understand that it is better to get the items out as soon as possible because most times, after something is found to be out of stock, you have already been waiting hopelessly for a few days. But for people that need to pay a lot of shipping costs like me, it is better to get one heavy box than two lighter boxes. The costs per kg becomes lower, when the total weight gets higher. There were some other items at Gmarket that I wanted to get at that time, but I was unable to combine shipping.

This explains why I had two Gmarket boxes to open in this post.

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