Modi nail polish 73 - Pumpkin Jelly review

Modi Glam Nails 73 - Pumpkin JellyAfter two blue Modi glitter nail polishes (the Modi nail polish 75 - Broken promise and the Modi nail polish 76 - First Avenue), I now have a pretty yellow nail polish to show you and that is the Modi Glam Nails 73 - Pumpkin Jelly from the latest Modi nail polish collection. It is a very warm and pretty yellow that leans to orange. Its color is close to the Etude House nail polish DOR202 - Manic Mango from the first Dear my deep color nails collection. I already wanted to buy that Etude House nail polish, when I first laid my eyes on it and wrote about those nail polishes in this "New Summer products at Gmarket" post. It really is a gorgeous warm and rich yellow color, which is perfect for the summer. It also should match a large variety of skin tones, whereas a pale, pastel yellow nail polish can be less flattering for a lot of people. However, the deal breaker is that I mysteriously cannot find this particular nail polish anywhere. I am starting to think it is because it is so popular that you have to literally elbow someone in the store to get to it first. ^_^

But even though I cannot get my hands on the Etude House DOR202 - Manic Mango, I did find a suitable replacement in today's Modi nail polish 73 - Pumpkin Jelly. I do have to live with the added red square glitters, small light orange glitters, and larger, dark orange, hexagon glitters. It is not that bad actually, the glitters add a beautiful dimension to the nails. The glitters in there, range from light yellow orange to orange red, creating an interesting mix. Before I translated the Korean name on the nail polish bottle, I felt that it looks like a delicious, fruity mango cocktail that you can get at the poolside in the summer. A friend on the other hand, thought that it looks like a spicy curry, with the orange being carrot pieces and the red being the red pepper.With its name being "Pumpkin Jelly", I guess I should put this gem together with my other special Halloween nail polishes from the Etude House If story nail kit 1 and 2.

Modi Glam Nails 73 - Pumpkin JellyModi Glam Nails 73 - Pumpkin Jelly

For the pictures, I used one to two coats of nail polish. The coverage is really good. The ring finger and pinky does appear somewhat sheer in the pictures, but that's because I used about one coat and it was a bit less than what I used on the other nails.

Currently, I am wearing this nail polish and waiting for the summer to come. :)

Modi Glam Nails 73 - Pumpkin JellyModi nail polish 73 - Pumpkin Jelly

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