Modi nail polish 74 - Classy Mint review

Modi Glam Nails 74 - Classy MintToday, I have another lovely nail polish from the newly released Modi nail polishes, the Modi Glam Nails 74 - Classy Mint. Just like the Modi nail polish no. 72 - Wild strawberry, it has fuchsia glitters in small as well as in larger shapes. It is amazing how similar glitters can give you such a different feel on the nails. While it was fun and flirty with the pink, purple, and yellow glitter mix, matched with a mint base color and the off white glitters, it now looks elegant and classy (Allow me to reference back to its name ^_^). When you look at the nails, it really seems like the print of an expensive Japanese kimono. The mint green would be the background and the bits of white and pink would be the sakura flowers.
The application of this Modi nail polish was very easy. I only needed one coat to get it to fully cover the nails, but I used two coats to make it look more neat.

What I forgot to mention in my previous review, was that these new glitter nail polishes have a strange tiger balm like smell, after it dries on your nails. At first, I thought someone around me was using tiger balm, but when I happened to put my hands near my face, I figured out it was me. ^_^ The smell is quite strong and it lingered for a day or so. I even used a top coat and that could not cover up the smell. I didn't get this smell with the older Modi nail polishes, so that was a bit unusual. Maybe, it is just the formula of these glitter nail polishes. I totally love these new Modi glitter nail polishes, so I am able to put up with this smell. I don't touch my face often anyway. But I wonder what guys would think though? It probably is the best man repellent out there. ^_^

Modi Glam Nails 74 - Classy Mint

Modi Glam Nails 74 - Classy MintModi Glam Nails 74 - Classy Mint

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