Modi nail polish 79 - Bustier review

Modi Glam Nails nail polish 79 - Bustier reviewThe nail polish that I am going to show you today is the Modi Glam Nails 79 - Bustier from the newly released Modi nail polishes. It is a strange name for a nail polish that doesn't really have anything sexy about it. My guy friends were even saying that I was growing mold on my nails. ^_^ But jokes aside, it is a really pretty murky grey nail polish with fine, sparkly green hexagon glitters. This nail polish looked very familiar to me and after some searching, I found out that it looks very similar to the Hare Polish - Cosmo Blossoms. From looking at the swatches, I think that the only differences are that this Modi nail polish does not have any lavender tones in the grey base color and that the glitters are just in one size.
The application was easy and I was able to cover the nails with just one coat. The grey base color doesn't stay glossy, but dries into a matte finish. You are then able to see and somewhat feel the glitters sticking out, which is not a pretty sight. I would recommend using a top coat to make it more smooth and glossy. But even without a top coat, the nail polish does not feel really gritty or uncomfortable on the nails. So, it is only to make it look better. For the pictures underneath, I didn't use a top coat. You should be able to see that the glitters are sticking out a bit, but it is not too bad.

Modi nail polish 79 - Bustier swatchesModi nail polish 79 - Bustier review
Modi nail polish 79 - Bustier

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