Nail art: Etude House nail polish DBR404 - Ground brown

Etude House nail polish DBR404 - Ground brown After yesterday's Etude House nail polish DBE101 - Lazy Beige, I now have the DBR404 - Ground Brown to show you. Just as the Lazy Beige, it is a nail polish from the new additions to the Etude House Dear my deep color nail polish collection. This nail polish is a color that I normally would not pick if I was in a store, but just like with the DGR704 - Only Olive, I was already buying the majority of the other new Etude House nail polishes, so might as well buy this one too. I fell for the famous marketing trick that when you like a large majority of a collection of products, you are more inclined to buy the rest of the items to complete your collection, even though you are actually not totally happy or interested in them. But this can also turn to the bad side, because when you do not like a large majority of the products, you might decide to not purchase anything at all.

I was quite curious about how this color would look on my nails anyways, since I am trying to get out of my comfort zone more often (a new item on my life's checklist). Not getting only the some old colors that you normally prefer, can lead to happy surprises (and of course failures too).

Lucky for me, it did not turn into a total disaster on my nails. The Etude House DBR404 - Ground Brown is a lovely, milky brown nail polish. There are some hints of grey and purple in there. I don't know why, but it kind of reminds me of the taro that they often use in Asian desserts. (Or it only seems that way, because I am feeling a bit hungry? ^_^)

Etude House nail polish DBR404 - Ground brown close up of Etude House Jewel Nail Sticker sheet #03 flower stickers

To spice things up a bit, I again used the Etude House Jewel Nail Sticker sheet #03 from my 4th Gmarket order. I ruined a few of those nail stickers by accidentally pulling them apart, but I managed to put a pink flower nail sticker with a little gem in the middle, a white flower with a pink center, and a small, detailed, pink flower nail sticker on my nails. The white heart prints that were attached to them are really nice too. For the index finger, I used the Innisfree nail polish no. 111. The greyish blue glitters in this nail polish matches very well with the grey undertones of the Etude House DBR404 - Ground Brown. The translucent glitters also become more visible with this base color.

Etude House Jewel Nail Sticker sheet #03 flower stickersInnisfree nail polish no. 111 accent nail

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