New Modi Art Nails nail polish sets

After releasing the great new spring/summer nail colors and glitter nail polishes, Modi has just introduced 5 new nail polish sets. In each set, there is one base color and one glitter nail polish used for as decoration on top. You can use these to create your own art on the nails, hence the name Modi Art Nails sets. :)

It is great for people who do not know how or do not have the time to match the right base color with the right glitter nail polish. There should be something for everyone. There are lighter, subtle nail polish sets as well as ones with bolder colors such as bright pink and black.

Names of the nail polishes:
No. 1 : Twinkling mix + Jewelry box
No. 2 : Midnight Sky + Milky way
No. 3 : Sweet Candy + Sugar Powder
No. 4 : White Veil + Bouquet
No. 5 : French Pink + Chandelier

Update: I bought the Modi Art Nails set 1 and 2 and you can find the swatches here:
Modi Art Nails set 1 - Glitter Layered Collection and Modi Art Nails set 2 - Horoscopes Nail Collection.

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