The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX yogurt nails

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of pastel nail polishes with playful glitters in them. I still remember my first pastel colored glitter nail polishes from Tony Moly (Back then, my photography skills were bad o_o). When I first saw them, I did not even need to think twice and I immediately bought those pretty baby blue, pink, and purple nail polishes. More recent, Etude House introduced the Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails nail polishes in pastel blue, yellow, orange and pink. I wanted to get these too, even though it is against my "Do not buy anything that looks similar to something you already own" rule. The packaging is just too cute to resist. But the problem is, they are out of stock for a long time already at Gmarket. I also became a bit more reluctant to buy them, as they seem a bit sheer.

Then, Modi came with a new range of nail polishes that included some very interesting glitter nail polishes, which I wrote about over here. So, I succumbed and gotten myself a whole bunch of new Modi glitter nail polishes. I have already shown you the milky pink Modi 72 - Wild Strawberry, the milky mint Modi 74 - Classy Mint, and the Modi 79 - Bustier. (and a lot more to come ^_^). Innisfree has also released their new Spring 2013 nail polishes and amongst them, there are 4 glitter nail polishes with a pastel colored base color.

And if you think that it still isn't enough yet, the Face Shop also has some new, pastel colored glitter nail polishes. There are 5 in total: 01) Grape Juice Yogurt, 02) Vanilla Sugar Yogurt, 03) Apple Mint Yogurt, 04) Lemon Candy Yogurt, and 05) Strawberry Milk Yogurt. I am particularly interested in the number 1, 4, and 5. They look so pretty. ^_^ The number 2 looks too much like the Modi nail polish no. 31 that I have and the number 3 looks very similar to the Tony Moly GS08, except it has a few fuchsia/purple glitters in there.

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