The Faceshop Sweet Kiss Balm - Choco vanilla and Strawberry

March the 14th is White day for couples that celebrate it in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. It is exactly one month after Valentine's day and it is another romantic day for couples (and sad day for singles ^_^). Although its origin has come from companies that want to sell more, I think it is a great initiative. We all say that every day is like Valentine's day anyway and that you love and pamper your loved one, all the time. However, I still think that most of the times, you fail to express how much the other person means to you. I don't mean that you should buy overpriced seasonal items and gifts or spend a lot at restaurants, but doing small and meaningful things for one another should happen a lot more. White day would be a great reminder to you, saying: "It is is about time to do something nice again for your loved one." 

Of course, many of you (and guys in particular) might be scratching your heads, trying to figure out what would be small and meaningful. I happen to have stumbled upon a sweet gift: the Faceshop Sweet Kiss Balm in the flavors Choco vanilla and Strawberry.

The Choco vanilla flavored lip balm is meant for the guy and the Strawberry lip balm is for the girl. You might be able to tell from the packaging; manly brown for the guy and cute pink for girls. The drawn couple on the packaging and on the stick itself is just too adorable. When you place them next to each other, it looks like they are about to kiss. On the back of the packaging, there is a small area with "To:" and "From:" already printed for you to write a sweet note in there. I do not know anyone that would not like to get sweet words from someone they love. I also think that some words are just too hard to say out loud and easier to write down. I get embarrassed easy. ^_^ 

I actually wanted to get the choco vanilla flavor for myself, as I like the smell of chocolate more than strawberry. But then I read the name of the lip balm again, and realized that as a girl, you get to taste the chocolate vanilla flavor one way or another. ^_^

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