Tony Moly S/S 2013 nail polishes

With Nature Republic, Innisfree, the Face Shop, Modi, and Etude House, all coming out with new, bright, and colorful Spring nail polishes, Tony Moly of course cannot stay behind. For Spring/Summer 2013, Tony Moly has created a mini nail polish collection called First Love. It consists of two pastel nail polishes in pink and mint green and also two glitter nail polishes that should look great on top of those two. The glitter nail polishes both have heart glitters: the LV03 has pink and red hearts and the LV04 has white hearts. The Tony Moly nail polish LV02 + LV04 looks very much like this nail look that I created before with the Etude House DGR703 - Mink Mint and the Modi Glam Nails #21 - Tweed Jacket. Except I do not have those cute white hearts, which are essential if you want the feeling of First Love again. ^_^

What you might have noticed from the pictures (if you also own some Tony Moly nail polishes like I do), is that the nail polish bottles changed. Although I really like the cute cylindrical bottles, which is similar to the Innisfree nail polishes, I can understand that the cap can be a bit hard to hold onto for some people. The new longer and sleeker cap should make it easier to use.    

With the new cap, Tony Moly decided to repackage all their previous nail polishes too. As far as I can tell, some of them look familiar to me, but I am not that informed with all of their older nail polishes. The GR05, GR06, and GR07, look like the Tony Moly nail polish GS08, GS09, and GS10 that I have. The GR19 and GR20 must be the Wonder woman nail polishes that I have wrote about in this post. The rest seem pretty new to me. The nail polishes GR08 and GR17 still do not have a picture yet. I don't know why they are being so mysterious about it, maybe it is going to be a surprise launch later. The nail polishes GR03 and GR04 look very similar to the Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice cream nails nail polishes #2 Lemon Sherbert and #3 Apricot Candy.

At first glance, I like the nail polishes GR09 (it looks like vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips or crushed Oreo cookies), GR10 (it has an interesting silver and green sheen), GR11 (pretty pink, pearly finish), GR21 (pretty purple and star glitters) and GR22 (nice colorful glitters in a black base).

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