A peek into my life: Easter snacks

Although I have a lot of pictures and ideas lined up to write about, I thought it would be nice to write a bit about my personal life. (Also, I am also enjoying my long Easter weekend a bit too much to write a long post and edit many pictures ^_^). I have been tagged a couple of times asking me to write something personal about myself and those are the ones that I have randomly come across, so there could even be more tags out there, without me knowing. I have no idea how to know I was tagged, because it didn't show up in the statistics and they didn't send me an email or anything. I am still trying to come up with some special and funny answers as well as questions for the tags that I do know about. The task of finding other interesting blogs that are not getting enough recognition is taking me some time too. But I can at least give you a small peek into my life with this post. :)

I will share the two special Easter snacks that I have eaten during my break. First, I have bought a bag of limited edition Easter peanut M&M's. I could have easily eaten the whole bowl. ^_^ 

m&m's peanut - easter editionm&m's peanut - easter edition

These special Easter M&M's are in 4 colors: pastel blue, pastel pink, yellow, and green. I really like the bunny and cracked egg shell (like a small baby chick coming out of the egg) prints. Some also have the normal, plain m printed on them, so you feel extra special, when you get a bunny or egg print.

m&m's peanut - easter edition : pink, blue, yellow, and green

Besides the M&M's, I also bought a very delicious Lemon fudge cake. The chocolate shavings on top have a sweet lemon and orange taste. The layer of lemon fudge is nice and thick. It literally melts in your mouth. The cake itself is moist due to the added lemon syrup and lemon pieces. I really like lemon and when I took it out of the plastic case, the smell was just too tempting. You probably know who took the largest slice. ^_^

AH lemon fudge cake
a slice of AH lemon fudge cake

Just to make it more delicious and fitting to the Easter theme, I added some colored chocolate crispies on top. They look like small colorful eggs. ^_^

a slice of lemon fudge cake with colorful sprinkles on top

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