A'pieu Flower garden nail limited sets

A'pieu is the cheaper sister brand of the more well-known, Korean brand, Missha and it is targeted to women in their 20's. They have just introduced three very cute nail polish sets and a range of nail glitter pots.

A'pieu Flower garden nail limited sets

The bright pink, pastel blue, and pastel yellow nail polish sets come in cute flowery boxes with a round window in the front. There are two nail polishes in the nail polish sets: one base color and one glitter top coat. The glitter top coats are just too cute. They all have pastel colored glitters in various shapes, such as hearts, stars, diamonds, and hexagons. I especially like the glitter top coat of the A'pieu Flower garden nail limited set no. 1.

A'pieu Sweet deco nail glitter pots

If you haven't been able to find the glitter nail polish that you want, why not create your own with these A'pieu Sweet deco nail glitter pots? There are ten different glitter pots for you to choose from. With that many choices, you must be able to create your own glitter nail polish by mixing it with a transparent nail polish or create beautiful nail arts with them. A'pieu has provided 8 nail art designs that I would like to try. I really like the hearts on a stem design and the stars pattern is really cute too.  

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