Aritaum Style Pop Blusher

Macarons seems to be the trend these days, since Aritaum has also been inspired by these delicious and colorful cookies from France. They created 6 blushers in bright, colorful cases, which are similar to macarons. The color of the case is the same as the color of blush inside. There is a gold print on top of the lid, which gives the packaging a touch of luxury. Inside the blusher case, you can find a soft puff with a pastel colored ribbon. The color of the ribbon is different for each color of blusher.     

Aritaum has also provided three blusher looks for you to try. I don't know if you can see it (depends on the brightness of your monitor), but the first look has two round areas of blush right under the eye. For the second look, the blusher is applied, slightly moving towards the temples, whereas the third look is a more exaggerated look with a heavy emphasis on the sides of your face. I really like the drawings, it is so easy to understand and due to the simple lines, there are not so many distractions. 

Pictures from Aritaum.

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