Bourjois Sixties Remix collection

For Spring 2013, Bourjois has created the Sixties Remix collection, which is a modern take on the pop art from the 1960's. This look that Bourjois has created, places the emphasis on the eyes, by using thick black eyeliner to create eyes that seem to come straight out of a comic book.

The model in the promotional picture is wearing the following Bourjois products:
Bourjois de Liner Pinceau, Boites rondes eyeshadow in the color Bleu passé, Mascara Beauty'Full Volume, Rouge Edition lipstick in the color 19 Corail en vogue, 1 Seconde nail polish in the color 21 Sunny Sunday, the Base Lissante Flower Perfection, and the Faux & Fabulous Tatoos on her shoulder, wrist, and ring finger. 

These are the newly introduced Bourjois products: 

Vernis 1 Seconde Sunny Sunday N°21 (€ 8.49) is the latest Bourjois nail polish, which is a soft yellow with a subtle, gold, pearly finish. It matches well with the Vernis 1 Seconde Corail magique N°05 (coral pink) and the Vernis 1 Seconde Bleu water N°08 (blue). This Spring and Summer is all about pastels on the nails. ^_^ 
I really love the Bourjous eye shadows that come in pretty round pots and the Boîte ronde Bleu passé N°17 (€ 10,99) is the newest color eye shadow. I think Bourjois made a mistake with the picture, because I am pretty sure, it is supposed to come with a small eye shadow applicator and not the typical Bourjois blush brush. From this picture, I would have never imagined that this subtle blue eye shadow can be so bold on the eyes as in the Spring look just by making the applicator wet with water.

I don't know why, but ever since I started to fall in love with coral makeup, I began to notice that they are being introduced by all kinds of brands lately. For instance, Bourjois has created a new color in their Rouge Edition lipsticks line, the Corail en vogue n° 19, which is a beautiful coral color. Just like the Dior Addict glosses and lipsticks, the brand is embossed on the packaging. The color of the lipstick can also be easily recognized by looking at the end of the lipstick, which is very similar to Estee Lauder lipsticks. All this, gives it is a very high end feel for a lipstick that only cost €12.99. 

Lastly, Bourjois also made these really nice, temporary tattoos: the Faux & Fabulous Tatoos (€ 9,99). There are 4 sets of tattoos for you to choose from to match with your style: Chic mademoiselle, Miss Couture, Urban chic, and Rock it baby.

Since you are going to show more skin during Spring and Summer, these temporary tattoos are bound to catch everybody's attention. I wonder what my mom would think, when she discovers me having a peacock feather tattoo from the Chic mademoiselle set on my back... ^_^

I also really like the pink sakura flowers tattoo from the same Chic mademoiselle set.

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