DIY: Chanel nail polish 583 Taboo dupe - first attempt

I just found out that Chanel has a new nail polish out, the 583 Taboo, and I really love it. The deep purple, the purple shimmers in various purple tones... what's not to like. ^_^
Too bad, it is going to be difficult for me to locate this nail polish. I also think it is a big splurge for just one bottle of nail polish. That's why I don't own any Chanel nail polishes yet. But this one is quite tempting...

Pictures are from Chanel and edited by me.

I really think that this is a very beautiful nail polish and I am not sure where and if I should buy it. So, just like with the self-made Chanel Jade nail polish and the Innisfree flakies nail polishes, I decided to create one myself again with nail polishes that I already own.

I looked through my nail polish stash and found these two nail polishes: the HEMA Diamond nail polish 05 and the W.I.C. by Herôme 210 Bizzv (click on the nail polish name to see my swatches). The W.I.C. by Herôme 210 Bizzv nail polish is slightly sheer as you might have seen in the swatches, so that's why I decided to use the HEMA Diamond nail polish 05 as the base color.

HEMA Diamond nail polish 05 and the W.I.C. by Herôme 210 Bizzv
Left (HEMA Diamond nail polish 05) and right (W.I.C. by Herôme 210 Bizzv)
This is a picture of one coat of the HEMA Diamond nail polish 05. Even though it is a nail polish in the Diamond range, it doesn't really sparkle. It is a deep purple nail polish with a slight purple sheen. 

HEMA Diamond nail polish 05

After it dried, I applied the W.I.C. by Herôme 210 Bizzv nail polish over it. This nail polish has similar shimmers as the Chanel Taboo nail polish, so I expected it to work. Sadly, the metallic brown base color of the Herôme nail polish, covered up the beautiful deep purple base color and made it looking dull. The shimmers are also not totally the same, since it has blue and dark purple shimmers, whereas the Chanel nail polish has blue and burgundy red shimmers. Still, it looks quite pretty, so I will still have my nails like this sometimes. The shimmers are also a lot more visible, so you don't really need the light to hit it in a certain way.

Total costs:
Herôme 210 Bizzv nail polish           6.95 euro
HEMA Diamond nail polish 05        3.00 euro

Chanel Taboo ($27)                       20.69 euro

Since I wrote that this is my first attempt, there is of course also a second attempt, which you can find over here.

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