Etude House new products in April 2013

Etude House has some new items out again and they never fail to amaze me. The florals and the water colors make me feel like Spring is already here (which reminds me, I can dig out my Spring and Summer clothes from the deepest corners of my closet again ^_^). Among the new Etude House products are face mists, cleansing products, blushers, mascara's and a nail polish product, so keep on reading to find out more about them.

Etude House I'm Blooming line

There are 3 different face mists in the Etude House I'm Blooming line: Pure green tea (sebum control), Essential flower (brightening), and Canola honey (deep moisture). Based on the ingredients, these face mists must smell nice and sweet. It should also feel great to refresh your skin with a face mist during the warmer days. An added bonus is that they are 7 free and 100% organic & natural.

Besides face mists, the Etude House I'm Blooming line also has three cleansing products. From left to right: Brightening wash-off gel, Moisture cleansing foam, and Clear cleansing water. It is quite interesting to see how different these cleansing products are. The first one is a non-foaming cleansing gel, the second one is a normal foam cleanser (as in: it comes out of the tube like a cream and you need to foam it up with water), and the last one is a watery liquid that you need to pour onto a cotton pad and use it to clean your face. I am especially interested in the Clear cleansing water. I am curious to see how a toner like, watery liquid can take dirt and make-up off. 

For these cleansing products, Etude House has especially developed a cleansing dual pad. One side is used for peeling/exfoliating and the other side with holes is used to create thick foam. Or you could use the new Etude House cotton pads that come in a cute floral pink box in the same theme, which are 5 layers thick. Surely, you cannot accuse these of being flimsy. 

Etude House Water Color blushers

Even though I am not a heavy blusher user, these Etude House Water Color blushers are just too adorable. There are 4 colors to choose from: 1) Pink, 2) Coral, 3) Apricot, and 4) Lilac. The metallic tubes and the caps make them really look similar to paint tubes. I feel like I am about to have art class again. ^_^

Etude House Oh! M' Eye Lash

There is also a new range of Etude House eyelash products. The Oh! M' Eye Lash collection consists of two mascara's (one for curl and one for volume), a base coat (white product) and a top coat (blue gel). I never knew that just like with nails, eyelashes also needed a base and a top coat. They only cost 4,000 won each, so it is not that expensive.

Etude House Stainless Shaking Ball

Lastly, just like with the Etude House hair tools and eyebrow tools, something I really needed, but I never thought of a nifty solution. Don't you also have nail polishes in your room that have a layer of liquid floating on top? For just 2,200 won, you can get these Etude House Stainless Shaking Balls (30 pieces). You just need to put one ball in the nail polish bottle and shake it a bit, and your nail polish will be as good as new.

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