Etude House Sweet recipe freebies

As you all know, I have been crazy about the Etude House Sweet Recipe collection. I have managed to keep myself from buying all of those pretty products, but I still couldn't resist buying 4 of the Dear my Jelly Lips lipsticks. From the four, I have already reviewed the Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips JOR201 and the Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips JOR203. I am very happy with these two lipsticks and you will get to see the other two reviewed soon.

While being on the Korean website of Etude House, I found out that they have made very cute gifts with purchases in the Sweet Recipe theme.

I saw that they have a fold-able brush that looks like a small strawberry cake with whip cream on top. The yellow bath sponge in ice cream shape is also very cute. The little blocks of foam in yellow, pink and orange look like little pieces of colorful fruit mixed in with the ice cream. I also wonder what the ice cream cone is made of. I cannot really tell from the pictures.

What really caught my eye was this cute Cake Pouch. It comes in a cute paper box with a handle that looks like something you normally carry a cake in. The Cake Pouch itself is pink and round shaped like a cake, with white whip cream printed on top. On the sides, it has lace in such a way that it looks like cake decorations. When you open the Cake Pouch, you see that there is a divider in the middle and a pocket to store small things in the lid. Too bad that this is not for sale.  

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