Holika Holika Tea Cafe mask sheets

I just discovered these cute Holika Holika Tea Cafe mask sheets (one for 1,000 won). They are based on 7 kinds of tea and the packaging has pretty, pastel hounds tooth prints. It almost feels like I am looking at some fashion designer's Spring collection. I would love to wear a jacket or skirt with those pastel prints. ^_^

The seven kinds of tea:
- Lemon tea (for dull, oily skin). Brightening effect (Vitamin C from the lemon), skin soothing, and anti-acne.
- Black tea (for tired skin). The rich tea ingredients nourishes the skin and the added Chamomile flowers relieve fatigue.
- Lavender tea (for sensitive skin). Highly effective in alleviating acne prone skin, anti-bacterial, and skin soothing due to the lavender. Also, highly moisturizing because of the added keratin and aloe vera.
- Apple Mint tea (for oily skin). Sebum control, pore tightening, and exfoliating effect.
- Rosy Peach tea (for people with uneven skin tone). It helps you get healthy looking skin. It also improves moisture retention and skin elasticity.
- Green tea (for skin lacking elasticity). It is packed with anti-oxidants, improves moisture retention, and cleanses the skin.  
- Sweet milk tea (for dry skin). Both the honey and milk nourishes the skin very well: the honey improves skin elasticity, is anti-inflammatory, and you get smoother skin from it and the milk is highly moisturizing.

People with sensitive skin like me would be happy to know that these mask sheets are all paraben free.

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