Modi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger review

As I wrote in yesterday's "Modi nail polish 71 - Greater Light review" post, I finally got my hands on the Modi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger. This was the only missing glitter nail polish from this Modi nail polish collection that I wasn't able to get in my 11th Gmarket order. I was really contemplating whether or not I should get this glitter nail polish, but I am glad I did.

Modi nail polish 78 - Beautiful strangerThe Modi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger is a bit strange, unusual at first glance, but you learn to appreciate its beauty over time. Just like with the beautiful stranger that you start to notice in your favorite hang-out place. Thoughts cross your mind such as: "I have never seen him here before.", "He is so different from the rest", "Did he just move here?". The more you observe and get to know him, the more you start to get feelings for him. Then, before you know it, you are married, living in a house with a white picket fence, have children running around, and a Labrador. ^_^

This perfectly describes how I feel about this nail polish. From just looking at the nail polish bottle, it looks like a lilac nail polish with dark purple glitters, similar to an odd, speckled stone. But when light hits the nail polish in a certain way, you will get to see the beautiful dark navy/deep purple sheen on the glitters. You can't really see it in the pictures, but it is slightly captured in the first picture. When you look at the nail polish bottle and follow the light reflection, you can see that the glitters there are blue. The problem is that the glitters are actually metallic, but appear to be matte in the pictures. I have also noticed that this specific purple color is very flattering on my skin tone. I have never seen my hands look this white and healthy before. (or it is because of my hand cream ^_^).

Modi Glam Nails nail polish 78 - Beautiful strangerModi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger

Modi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger

This is how it looks like with just one single coat. 

Modi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger: one coatModi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger : one coat

The base color is a bit closer to pink than purple, when you only apply a thin layer. This also looks nice, but the glitters stick out more visibly. With many of these new Modi glitter nail polishes, the base color tends to "sink in" and becomes thinner than the thickness of the glitters. But the good thing is that it still feels quite smooth on the nails, not really needing a top coat to tame the grittiness. 

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