Modi nail polish 80 - Secret Night review

After yesterday's Modi nail polish 78 - Beautiful stranger, I now have the final glitter nail polish from this Modi nail polish collection, the Modi nail polish 80 - Secret Night. It took me awhile, but it feels great to have all of these swatched. It is strangely satisfying seeing all the nail polishes documented and categorized on my blog. I don't know if I can ever say the same for these Modi nail polishes though. ^_^

The Modi Glam Nails 80 - Secret Night, is a black jelly nail polish with very "bling" gold glitters. This is a big contrast with the Peripera BK504, which is a similar nail polish with more subtle gold glitters. Although the glitters are really loud and out there, it is actually part of its charm. It creates interesting, visible patterns on your nails, when you look at them from afar. It is also very festive looking and fit for special occasions such as candlelit dinners. I can imagine it looking great matched with a black gown.
This nail polish is slightly sheer, so I needed two coats to get it fully covering the nails. You could also use a black nail polish as the base, but with these kinds of nail polishes I sort of like it being semi-sheer. That way, you can still see some glitter floating in between the layers and that is quite pretty. Be sure to wait until one coat has fully dried, before you apply another coat, to get the best results.

Modi nail polish 80 - Secret Night

Modi nail polish 80 - Secret Night nail swatch

Modi nail polish 80 - Secret NightModi nail polish 80 - Secret Night

This is how it looks like with just one coat of nail polish.
Modi nail polish 80 - Secret Night one coat
It is a bit sheer with only one coat

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