My first Marc Jacobs bag

I bet you must be expecting some amazing looking bag from reading the title, but sadly, I will have to disappoint you. Although I really admire Marc Jacobs for his eccentric and beautiful designs, I have never felt the urge to spend a lot on a designer bag (yet). The bag that I will be showing you is actually the tote bag that Marc Jacobs designed for Coca Cola light and you could only get it by winning the contest, which was held with the introduction of the Marc Jacobs Coca Cola light cans and bottles. I felt very lucky to win one, because I only participated once, just for fun.

It is a good sized, metallic, tote bag with red dots and handles. The material kind of reminds me of insulated bags, I wonder if it would keep my lunch fresh or my Coca Cola cold. :P

I really like the buttons, because if you look closely, you can see that it resembles the top of a Coca Cola can. These buttons can also be found on the sides of the bag. From the picture, you can tell that the bag is expandable and that it is not a flat tote bag.

Inside the bag, there is a small pocket for you to store small things. It also has the print "Marc Jacobs <3 Coca Cola Light". There is no zipper, so it is a bit inconvenient for me as I tend to throw my bag around all the time. I can already imagine my keys flying out of my bag. ^_^

It really is an authentic Marc Jacobs bag. ^_^

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