New Clio eyeshadow palettes

Clio has some new eyeshadow palettes out and they look really amazing. The Clio lip stealer lip glosses that I bought from Gmarket before were really good, so I am really curious if the rest of their makeup products meets the expectations too.

Clio All that eye styler kit

The Clio All that eye styler kit has two types, each with 8 colors of eyeshadow, named:
1. Lie on the beach.
2. Walk on the city.

The no. 1 eyeshadow palette has really bright, sparkly colors that are really fit for on the beach. Especially, if you use the tropical pink or blue color on your eyes (or under your eyes as suggested by Clio). The no. 2 eyeshadow palette has more subdued, low on the shimmer, eye colors. It is perfect for work and for a night out afterwards. You can use the lighter colors in that palette for day wear and layer the darker three colors on the right, on top to create a smokey eye for in the evening. Both palettes come in a sturdy metal tin and with a long two-sided brush (eyeshadow brush and sponge applicator). 

These are some of the eye looks that Clio has provided. The top two is done with colors from eyeshadow palette no. 1 Lie on the Beach and for the bottom two, the no. 2 Walk on the city palette was used.

Although the Clio All that eye styler kits are already very narrow and portable, you might want an even smaller eyeshadow palette to fit in your small evening bag to go to fancy dinners or to the club. For that occasion, Clio made these Clio Club makeup kits.

The Clio Club makeup kits

These eyeshadow palettes come in a small metal case with a funky print and each has three eyeshadow colors and a small Clio Virgin Kiss Milky Water Tint in them. The kit no. 1 coincidentally also has the no.1 lip tint color and the kit no. 2 has lip tint no. 5. I just discovered these lip tints and they look amazing. I have never seen lip tints with shimmers in them. I hope to try these out once.

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