The Face Shop Face it colored paper nails

While I still have The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX yogurt nails nail polishes on my wish list, there are already new glitter nail polishes introduced that I also want to get. I just cannot keep up. ^_^

There are four glitter top nail polishes in this The Face Shop Face it colored paper nails collection. After reading this, I started to get it. So that is the reason why the heart glitters of the Snow of Love nail polish from the Etude House If story nail kit 3 were able to bend so well, following the nail shape closely, and sticking on very good. I never imagined it would be made out of paper. I thought it was some new sort of plastic or something.

Speaking of Etude House, two of these nail polishes are really similar to two of the nail polishes from the Etude House Pink Prism nail polish collection. The Faceshop nail polish CMX321 Tropical Candy looks like the Pink Prism nail polish no.1 Sweet bon bon, except that it has varying sizes of glitter and not just in one size. The Faceshop nail polish CMX323 Bonny girl looks very alike to the Pink Prism nail polish no. 5 Heart to Heart, minus the red metallic heart glitters and the white and pink heart glitters that it does have, seems to be not as abundant. I think that The Face Shop nail polish CMX322 Lovely pop looks quite interesting with the yellow and red heart glitters. The use of white and primary colors reminds me of the abstract paintings of Piet Mondriaan. If only the bar glitters were black, then it would totally be like having a Piet Mondriaan painting on your nails. Lastly, the Faceshop CMX324 Glam Stud looks like something I already have in my nail polish collection, the Modi nail polish no. 21 - Tweed Jacket. With an extra bit of glitter, I also have the Ice witch nail polish from the Etude House If story nail kit 4 and the Innisfree nail polish #111, that look very similar.

While looking at the other The Face Shop nail polishes, I found the cute Face it repair nails 01 eco ampoule. Applying nail polish on my nails so often, is not that good for the nails, so a nail care product is something I really need. The dried, yellow flowers in the nail polish bottle is so cute. ^_^

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